Fishnets Pee

  • Dauer: 2:17
  • Views: 354
  • Datum: 10.02.2018
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Walk upstairs with (Lady) Sophia to her bathroom. She’s sporting cute pigtails and wearing a matching bra and thong, a lacey garter belt and white fishnet stockings. Naughty! Since it’s a warm day in England, the window is open and you can hear the people at the café nextdoor. Thanks to the tile walls you can see the reflection of Sophia’s bum as she stands in front of the toilet to pull down her thong. After she takes her seat she moves the camera so you get a good view of her bum as she starts to pee. In a few moments she changes the position to the front and then lower so you get a view looking up from the floor. After she finishes, Sophia wipes, pulls up her thong as she stands up, lowers the lid and waves „goodbye.“ See ya later, alligator!




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